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Qigong · Massage

We experience optimal health and well-being when all three parts of ourselves – body, mind and soul – are brought together in balance and harmony.

Deanne Kroll uses qigong, massage and other techniques tailored to each client to restore this balance and promote greater wellness, also offering tools to help clients support their own healing.

Qigong healing – Uses the ancient Chinese healing art of qigong (“chee gong”) to remove energy blockages that cause the body’s natural healing system to break down and the energy balances back to health. Individual, group, phone or long-distance sessions available.

Qi-ssage – Massage of specific acupressure points to open up energy channels, or meridians, drawing on techniques developed by qigong Master Chunyi Lin. Restores the body’s natural energy flow and has a helpful detoxifying effect.

Swedish massage – Classic Swedish-style massage for relaxation and/or

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pain relief.

Neuromuscular therapy – A deeper type of massage addressing specific injuries, pain or dysfunction with stretching and fascia and trigger point work.

Personal coaching – More in-depth discussion of your unique energy patterns and the active role you can

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take in transforming them.

Qigong/Qi-ssage classes – Group instruction in qigong healing techniques, enabling you to balance and transform your own energy patterns.

Golden Essence Healing Arts
1590 Thomas Center Drive, Suite 112
Eagan, MN 55122